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  1. Administration

    The primary venue of communication between staff and the community. All relevant information and news can be found within the forums of this category
    1. Information

      Community and server related information such as the rules will be found here. This information is updated regularly without notification.
    2. Suggestions

      If you have a suggestion for us, then we would be happy to take a look at them in here.
    3. Technical Support

      You may request assistance for any technical related issue you may encounter; relevant to evil-mania in this section. Please make sure you search the forum before posting as other users may have faced similar issues in the past and found solutions.
  2. General

    Introduce yourself and get to know others in the community
  3. Games

    Discuss, read and post guides in the relevant forum of each game currently supported by eViL-mAnIa
    1. General Trade

      This section is dedicated towards the trade of items that are not covered by existing forum sections underneath the available games; such as Steam trading cards, Games, etc. Be advised that eViL-mAnIa takes no responsibility for any loss incurred through the use of this section. Trade at your own risk.
  4. Ban Disputes & Player Reports

    All topics created in this section are view-able by their respective creator and the eViL-mAnIa staff, only.
    1. Report a Player

      You may report a player within this section. Note that only yourself and the eViL-mAnIa staff will be able to see all messages created by you in here.
    2. Dispute a Ban

      You may dispute a ban within this section. All messages created by you will be visible to you, and the eViL-mAnIa staff only.
    3. Admin Abuse

      This section is dedicated for the sole purpose of reporting admin abuse. All messages posted in here will be visible by you and senior admins only.