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  1. Hi,

    how about adding something like an entrance condition? So only players with more than e.g. 250h game time can enter the evilmania servers?

    Why? Because new players (for example "free weekend" or "summer sale") dont know the maps, how to play effective and so on. EM requires good players and these rookies just enter the game, don't care about the mod and rage quit after a while.

    In addition to the join condition registered players can invite new players with less than the required game time.

    What do you think?

  2. Absolutely not. In order to grow and expand a community within a game, the server must be open to all individuals. Furthermore, eViL-mAnIa will never single out/prohibit players who do not meet certain game-time requirements. Skill is relative between all players, new and old.

    I encourage you and other eM members to be welcoming and kind to new players. L4D is team-based game; work together, teach new players, and have fun!
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  3. Hello there.

    I will go with Nexus to tell that idea of blocking new players, with less than a certain amount of hours, for entering eM is a very bad idea, and is the opposite of the spirit of eM.
    Without repeting the good arguments provided by Nexus about the team-based game, I will insist on the fact that it's completely not their fault if they are shaken, disturbed by this mod the first time they use it, especially if they are new to this kind of mods or even new to this game. We, the regular players, must (have?) to help them to go through this difficult step, and explaining the basic of these servers. It's sure that stacking and rekt them at the saferoom is not a very good pleasure to them, ragequitting becoming a logical reaction for them.

    Furthermore, there is no precise link between hours and skills : how many hours does a player need to be considered as a good player ? There is no answer to this question, and I can personally give you a long list of names I have met on L4D2 (eM serv or normal serv) with many hours and ... not very good (it's an obvious euphemism).

    And eM is pretty easy actually, way less competitive and difficult than normal server to be honest (some regs would be surprised by their "actual skills", I guarantee it).

    Little kiss from your lovely Frenchie
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  4. I found this server when I barely had 50 hours so I don't think that would work out too well.
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  5. We have had so many people request restrictions on those connecting to our servers, and while I do believe that a more competitive server would be a good idea; we will never have a specific threshold across all servers.
  6. If you need 250h to learn maps something is wrong with your learning curve. However, SOME h/played conditions would be nice. Or, give the players with certain amount of points (maybe 100.000+) more votekick power. That would make games much more competitive and balanced.