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Unknown Servers Appearing on "Steam Group Servers" List When Joining "eViL-mAnIa"


New member
I'm noticing 2 other servers get added to my "Steam Group Servers" list in the L4D2 menu when I join the "eViL-mAnIa" Steam Group.

"Migs Marauders"
"Crazy zomibes ->Super SI/Hordes<-"

If I leave the "eViL-mAnIa" Steam Group these 2 other groups are removed from my list, and when I rejoin the "eViL-mAnIa" Steam Group they are then re-added to my list of steam group servers.

Both of them require the use of an add-on which appears to be on the Steam Workshop.
Doing a quick google search of the first brought up nothing, a search of the second lead me to the "GameTracker" page for a German server listed below.

Are these groups affiliated with "eViL-mAnIa" or the team that runs it in any way?
Or, Is anyone else having these servers appear on their "Steam Group Servers" list?

Any info on these groups would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You!